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OTT platforms

have shifted
the focus of the
media industry

Here’s how we can help your business:
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Premier OTT Gamification Solution - Revolutionize Media Engagement

Competitive Challenge - Who Will Secure Customer Loyalty in the Race to Expand

Growing competition leads to the exciting question: who will capture customer loyalty and win the race to expand their customer base? Most companies will see this as an opportunity to improve their platform and use advanced user engagement metrics for faster growth, and get established in the market

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Users are influenced by the immersive and game-based playing experience, which keeps them entertained & engaged while increasing their social connection to interact more with friends and family.

This platform interaction and engagement experience is enhanced through recommendations and improved app or platform services that positively influence user behaviour.

Features to engage customers better
through fun and interactive templates from Gamize!

uc trendy games

Trendy Games & Activities

A vast library with customizable templates and interesting games

uc contest

Contest & Quizzes

Multi-user competition for points and other rewards

uc predict

Predict & Win

Gives the users a chance to predict certain outcomes & win points & rewards

uc polls


Users can support/debate on their opinion about certain topics

uc games

In-app Games

A set of in-app interactive & playable games for the user

uc rewards

Rewards & Badges

Recognition for completing certain tasks

Industry application of Gamified elements
are increasing customer traction!