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The E-commerce

sector is thriving,
with retail businesses
shifting to Online

Here’s how we can help your business:
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E-commerce - Elevate Retention Through Retail Gamification

Innovative Strategies for Retaining Users and Sustaining Loyalty in a Highly Competitive Market

Succeeding in retaining users and sustaining loyalty in a highly competitive market is a challenge that requires innovative solutions. Acquiring customer loyalty in this most evolving and competitive industry has become complicated. How a platform engages with customers & provides interactive experiences is crucial.

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Gamification through engaging activities and templates help in retaining existing users. Providing users with exciting activities and rewarding them for their interactions has shown growth in user engagement metrics.

These rewards will garner users’ loyalty as well as indirect promotions. Integrating immersive trending games with the platform ensures the finest results in retention and increases user interaction with the platform.

Features to engage customers better
through fun and interactive templates from Gamize!

uc quiz

Product Quiz

Video/Image of the product can be shown with questions on the same

uc rewards

Rewards & Badges

Recognition for completing certain tasks

uc games

In-app Games

A set of in-app interactive & playable games for the user

uc points

Points System

User is awarded in points as-per a dedicated rule engine

uc time

Time-based Activities

Users are awarded points for completing tasks under a certain time

uc product contest

Product Contest

Multiplayer contests on to-be launched products or theme-based sales

Industry application of Gamified elements
are increasing customer traction!