Unlocking Gamified Loyalty Rewards Programs Success

Unlocking Gamified Loyalty Rewards Programs Success

Who doesn’t love the thrill of a game? Universally embraced as a significant source of entertainment, games hold a special place in our hearts. Now, imagine harnessing the power of games to entertain and elevate customer loyalty and engagement.

Is it a stretch? Think again. Gamified loyalty programs have become a staple among savvy business owners, tapping into our innate desire for rewards, the thrill of competition, and the fear of missing out.

gaming industry

The gaming industry is a behemoth, boasting revenues in the hundreds of billions annually, rivalling even Hollywood in terms of blockbuster titles and massive audiences.

It has cultivated a level of popularity that teeters on the edge of obsession. This presents a golden opportunity for businesses to leverage game-like features, forge deeper connections with customers and build loyalty.

How, though? How does one use the power of games to increase customer loyalty and business growth? By creating gamified loyalty programs.

Why Infuse Gamification into Loyalty Programs?

1. Appealing to Inherent Human Nature

Gamification strategically taps into human psychology, providing a sense of achievement, fostering challenges, and creating habit-forming experiences. These elements trigger reward-seeking behaviour, making customers want to keep returning, thereby building brand loyalty.

2. Standing Out Amidst Loyalty Programs

As per a report by Statista 2024, the average U.S. consumer participates in around 16.7 loyalty programs (actively using 8). This makes it challenging for organisations to make their loyalty program appealing enough to join and maintain membership.

Gamification emerges as a distinctive edge, ensuring your loyalty program stands out and steers clear of any label of being old-fashioned.

3. Boosting Digital Engagement and Social Sharing

As loyalty programs transition into the digital realm, gamification catalyses a fully immersive digital experience. Particularly crucial for organisations managing dual-track loyalty systems, the integration of gamification optimises participation, facilitates real-time customer insights, and encourages active social media engagement, expanding program awareness.

4. Incentivizing Participation Beyond Tangible Rewards

Funding loyalty programs is a perpetual challenge, often demanding a delicate balance in the value of rewards. Gamification offers a solution by making customers feel rewarded without incurring additional costs.

While virtual rewards are valuable, supplementing them with real incentives enhances the overall value proposition, providing more to loyal customers than non-gamified alternatives.

5. Expanding Gamification Across Customer Experience

Gamified loyalty programs enable businesses to identify customers who resonate with gamification, laying the foundation for targeted expansion. A robust customer feedback system proves instrumental in understanding engagement patterns, facilitating confident implementation of gamification in diverse aspects of the customer experience.

By embedding gamification in loyalty programs, businesses enhance customer engagement and gain valuable insights, creating a dynamic and immersive brand experience.

Result of Integrating Gamification into Loyalty Programs

The primary and most significant advantage of infusing gamification into your loyalty program is the substantial boost in customer loyalty. The immediate impact of gamification lies in its ability to drive engagement, ultimately resulting in heightened brand loyalty.

Gallup research quantifies this loyalty premium at 23% for fully engaged customers compared to their average counterparts. This premium manifests in increased wallet share, enhanced profitability, revenue upticks, and accelerated relationship growth.

Notably, gamification in loyalty programs isn’t a novel concept. Customers don’t perceive it as odd or fleeting, and it certainly isn’t a passing trend that loses its allure.

A study by Emerline reveals that 60% of consumers are more inclined to purchase a brand after enjoying a gamified experience.

Another significant advantage lies in the generational impact of gaming’s widespread popularity. Regardless of age, nearly everyone harbours a penchant for mobile gaming apps like Candy Crush. However, this trend is particularly pronounced among Millennials and Gen Z.

Approximately 40% of this demographic insists on integrating games with loyalty programs (Forbes), a sentiment echoed by around one-third of individuals across all age groups. These proportions will only increase over time.

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Amplifies ROI on loyalty program budgets
  • Sparks innovation in loyalty program components, structure, and marketing
  • Fosters increased word-of-mouth promotion for the brand
  • Facilitates a comprehensive, end-to-end digital brand experience

Gamified Loyalty Program Examples

After delving into the compelling data underscoring the advantages of gamified customer loyalty programs, let’s explore practical examples showcasing the effectiveness of gamified loyalty programs in action.

1. Leaderboards/Rankings – NikePlus

Leaderboards, rankings, and potent gamification features have proven impactful in loyalty programs. Nike, a globally recognised brand, employs these features in its Nike+ subscription-based loyalty program.

Nike Loyalty Program Gamified Challenges Nike Run Train

(Disclaimer: This image is for informational purposes only. Opinions or points expressed represent Nike’s views
and don’t necessarily represent the official position or policies of Gamize by OGL.)

Beyond just leaderboards, the program integrates challenges, incentivising users for their activity levels and product purchases. Points earned through engagement can be redeemed for exclusive products, discounts, and unique experiences.

The leaderboard system fosters healthy competition among members, accompanied by badges for top achievers. Nike strategically employs various gamification elements, including challenges, milestones, and badges, creating an engaging and personalised experience for its members.

2. Quizzes – Sephora

Quizzes are another practical gamification feature, exemplified by Sephora’s Beauty Insider Program. Sephora, a global beauty products retailer, boasts over 17 million members in North America alone. The Beauty Insider Program uses quizzes as a personalised approach to understand its customers better.

Sephora Beauty Insider Loyalty Program Quiz

(Disclaimer: This image is for informational purposes only. Opinions or points expressed represent Sephora’s views
and don’t necessarily represent the official position or policies of Gamize by OGL.)

Members can take quizzes on makeup, skincare routines, or lipstick shades, tailoring product recommendations based on individual traits. This mutual benefit enhances customer loyalty as members gain valuable insights while Sephora enjoys increased engagement and the opportunity to recommend additional products.

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3. Punch cards – Cafe Nero

Punch cards, a simple yet powerful gamification feature, succeed in Cafe Nero’s loyalty program. With over 1000 stores globally, this UK-based coffee shop chain uses punch cards to track and encourage repeat business.

Customers collect digital stamps through the loyalty app, with a free coffee as a reward after accumulating nine stamps.

Cafe Nero Loyalty Card Program Gamification

(Disclaimer: This image is for informational purposes only. Opinions or points expressed represent Cafe Nero’s views
and don’t necessarily represent the official position or policies of Gamize by OGL.)

Cafe Nero’s loyalty program evolved with a gamification-based app. It retained the beloved punch card system while embracing environmentally conscious practices, such as rewarding reusable cup usage with additional digital stamps.

This illustrates how a traditional gamification feature can endure and complement modern loyalty strategies.

4. Badges – WW Challenges

Badges emerge as a visually appealing gamification tactic within loyalty programs, exemplified by WeightWatchers’ challenges.

WeightWatchers, a subscription-based weight loss and fitness loyalty program, leverages badges to symbolise members’ progress and achievements. Members participate in challenges within the app, earning “wins” and badges upon completion.

Weight Watchers Loyalty Program Challenge

(Disclaimer: This image is for informational purposes only. Opinions or points expressed represent WeightWatcher’s views
and don’t necessarily represent the official position or policies of Gamize by OGL.)

These badges instil pride and a sense of accomplishment, reinforcing desired behaviours and enhancing engagement. The program’s comprehensive approach includes point-based tiers, offering members additional incentives as they accumulate wins.

WeightWatchers’ subscription-based model allows for an extensive, gamified app experience and experiential rewards, contributing to the program’s success.

These real-world examples highlight how gamification elements, when thoughtfully integrated into loyalty programs, contribute to increased engagement, personalised experiences, and enduring customer loyalty.

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Gamify Loyalty Program with Gamize

In conclusion, the allure of competition, the thrill of victory, and the satisfaction of being the best are the driving forces behind the success of gamification in loyalty programs.

This strategy proves to be a clever and exhilarating approach to creating a dynamic, interactive customer experience. The ultimate objective is to cultivate regular interaction with the brand, fostering new habits and deepening customer engagement.

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