How to Elevate Customer Experience in the Retail Industry

How to Elevate Customer Experience in the Retail Industry

The retail industry has witnessed a massive digital transformation in recent years. Buying patterns have changed and it is very challenging for brands to keep users engaged due to multiple factors.

Despite the immense transformation, the retail industry is slow in paying attention to customer experience. To date, only 10% of retail businesses use technology to improve customer experience according to Capgemini research.

Here’s an Industry Example:

An e-commerce giant has gained multifold users in the past 2 years, however, their Daily Active Users (DAU) & Monthly Active Users (MAU) are stagnant or on the decline month-on-month.

This could be due to multiple factors – pricing, competition, delivery timelines, etc. However, they identified the largest contributor to cart abandonment. The net cart rate was higher than the competitors.

Inference? The brand is unable to engage and reward users on key user touch points on the app.

Some ways in which Gamize can help companies in similar situations

  1. Multichannel Marketing
Multichannel Marketing
40% of marketers from a survey as per Gartner say reaching audiences at the right moments remains their top multichannel marketing challenge. Gamize can help run gamified campaigns on multi-channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, Email, In-App, and other platforms through unique links. This can help omnichannel products run touchpoint-specific campaigns.
  1. User Retargeting
On average 69.99% of carts are abandoned as per statistics from Baymard Institute. One of the top reasons for cart abandonment is extra costs (Shipping, Tax, etc.). At this point, multiple activities such as Spin the Wheel, Treasure Chest, Slot Machines, etc. for additional discounts & benefits can be integrated at checkout to minimize the abandonment rate.
User Retargeting
  1. Boost Loyalty
Boost Loyalty
80% of revenue can come from 20% of customers as per the Pareto Principle. Rewards & Recognition campaigns can be scheduled to be sent out to targeted audiences, using custom vouchers, branded vouchers, virtual currencies, badges, and lot more. Users can redeem the coupons or status benefits on their next purchase.

Such campaigns with Gamize will help with user acquisition, engagement & retention in multiple forays.

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