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How E-Commerce Gamification Got Senco Gold a 25% Hike in MAUs

About Senco Gold

What makes a piece of jewellery beautiful, apart from the elegance of the woman wearing it? It’s the intricacy and fineness of the work that goes into crafting it, and Senco Gold knows this too well. 

That’s why a legacy forged in August 1994 to elevate Kolkata craftsmanship by creating lightweight, exquisite, handmade artistic jewellery has made them India’s 2nd most trusted brand of 2023 by the TRA.

Senco Gold today is a Phy-gital brand that offers gold and diamond jewellery options both in-store and online as part of two of their brands, Senco Gold and Diamonds and Everlite.

The Challenge

Buying gold and diamond jewellery online is still considered a tricky affair. 

While online jewellery retail in India holds only around 2% of overall jewellery retail, online-influenced offline retail has grown to 90% (Mywisdomlane).

With such online and offline integration, gold and diamond jewellery buyers browse online and connect with stores offline, which Senco Gold has observed, too. 

Thanks to digitisation via real-time customer assistance, virtual store tours and jewellery trials, consumers are familiarising themselves with buying jewellery online. 

This is why it has become all the more important to go beyond traditional online engagement and adopt innovative ways to increase it.

The Solution

Intending to boost e-commerce engagement, especially during festive seasons, Senco Gold decided to gamify their website engagement for Senco Gold and Diamonds and Everlite. 

Buying jewellery is considered auspicious during Dhanteras and Diwali festivals in India, so people browse online, which calls for engaging such potential customers.

Hence, Senco Gold launched a 2-week gamification campaign on 7th November with Gamize to amplify their e-commerce engagement. 

Take a look at their e-commerce gamification strategy.

1. Spin the Wheel

Senco Gold triggered a reward-based spin wheel comprising six quadrants, 2 minutes after user login. Each quadrant showed a discount voucher on certain jewellery. Users could spin the wheel, and a voucher code was sent via SMS based on their winnings.

Senco Spin the Wheel

2. Brand Trivia

Based on time spent by a user on the website, a single-question brand trivia was displayed once a day. Users were offered 5 to 10 Loyalty Points as game points for each correct answer.

Senco Brand Trivia

3. Daily Streak

Users could begin an 8-day daily streak post login and win loyalty points. 50 Points were given out for the first seven days and 100 Points on the 8th day via a Treasure Chest gamification activity.

Senco Daily Streak

A total of approximately 60k discounts were given out. All the rewards could be redeemed by users at Senco Gold’s stores.


After gamifying its e-commerce website, Senco Gold saw increased user engagement.

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User session time on the website increased by 3%

icon page session1

Page session time improved by 20%

icon gamification activities

Over 90% of users played the gamification activities post-display

icon mau

Monthly Active Users (MAUs) increased from ~1% on D1 to 25% on D7

icon repeat user

The overall campaign had a 25% repeat user participation

Wall of Gamize

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“Thanks to Gamize, our e-commerce sites have become a playground of excitement. The innovative games entertained and elevated user engagement, injecting a new level of fun into our online shopping experience!”

Soumodeep Chakraborty,
Assistant Manager, IT & Innovation, Senco Gold

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