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Tech innovations

have resulted in a
positive growth
in the BFSI sector!

Here’s how we can help your business:
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Transforming Finance with Banking Gamification and Loyalty Solutions

Bridging the Gap in Financial Services User Knowledge for Industry Growth

Inadequate user knowledge about financial services and interactions hinders the industry’s growth, reducing platform usage. Banks and other financial sector companies looking to increase their customer base and promote themselves can overcome the hurdle by striving to improve users’ financial literacy and related financial behaviour

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Using game-based engagement in the digital facets of the BFSI sector is the surefire way to engage customers, increase their financial knowledge and get them into a habit of using the platform.

Users are rewarded for their loyalty when they use the services, helping in lead generation. In addition, trivia, challenges and contests increase their competitiveness and activities, such as in-app games, scores & point bases, drive engagement.

Features to engage customers better
through fun and interactive templates from Gamize!

uc daily streak

Daily Streak

Series of daily activities for user engagement

uc time

Time-based Activities

Users are awarded points for completing tasks under a certain time

uc multiusers

Multi-user Competitions

Multi-user competition for grand rewards

uc video quiz

Video Quiz

Quizzes based on videos and tutorials

uc score


Points table for rewarding & ranking of users based on performance

uc rewards

Rewards & Badges

Recognition for completing certain tasks

Industry application of Gamified elements
are increasing customer traction!