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About Our Loyalty Software

Gamize’s SaaS gamification platform is tailored to help businesses turn first-time buyers into loyal customers.


It encompasses various loyalty rewards programs, such as Points, Coupons, Badges, Streaks, and more, which are curated to help you increase your

Why Launch A Loyalty Program with Gamize?

Whether launching a new loyalty program or enhancing the performance of an existing one, our loyalty software ensures consistent customer engagement and reward redemption.

Stay today and make your customers want to stick with your brand forever.

Points Loyalty Program

Encourage customers to earn loyalty points on tasks & burn them on purchases.


Loyalty Streak

Challenge customers to engage in a daily gamification activity & win loyalty rewards.

Badge Loyalty Program

Badgify your customer loyalty by offering tiered badges on task completion.


Loyalty Leaderboard

Enhance customer loyalty & retention with a point-based leaderboard

How Our Loyalty Program Works?

Explore the mechanics behind our Loyalty Program 


Step 1

Choose & customise a loyalty program template


Step 1

Choose & customise a loyalty program template


Step 1

Choose & customise a loyalty program template


1. What is a Gamified Loyalty Rewards Program?

A Gamified Loyalty Rewards Program is when you reward your customers for their loyalty via game mechanics such as Points, Coins, Badges, Challenges, etc.

2. How do I launch a Loyalty Program with Gamize?

It’s simple! Fill out a form on our website to request a demo, and our gamification expert will contact you to help you understand how our loyalty program software works.

3. How does the loyalty program work?

Customers earn points by completing specific tasks or activities such as making purchases, referring friends, participating in challenges, or engaging with your brand on social media. These points can be redeemed for discounts, exclusive products, or unique experiences.

4. What are the different types of loyalty reward programs?

With Gamize, you can launch various loyalty program types such as tiered, points, badge, quest, streak, leaderboard and more.

5. What are the benefits of a gamified loyalty program for businesses?

Gamified loyalty programs increase customer engagement by 47%, brand loyalty by 22%, and brand awareness by 15%. They also increase your CLTV, Retention rate and purchase frequency.

6. Can I add badges of my choice?

Absolutely! You can choose from pre-added badge templates or upload badges directly to our loyalty software.

7. How many days of streak can I set?

You can challenge users to maintain a streak of up to 31 days. The streaks can also be clubbed with a Spin Wheel or Treasure Chest!

8. How do I add a custom coupon?

While setting offers on our gamification dashboard, you can select ‘Custom’ and add your coupons/vouchers, apart from choosing from our 250+ brand reward partners.

9. Can I add a Loyalty Wheel?

Yes! Depending on your use case, you can add a spin wheel with customised quadrants and probabilities to offer various loyalty reward types.

10. Do you offer a coins wallet?

Yes we do. Users can accumulate coins after task completion and burn them based on reward redemption conditions such as purchase.