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The Banglalink

Success Story

How the Banglalink app saw a 50% increase in Engagement through Gamification

About Banglalink

With a goal of bringing affordable mobile telephony to people, Banglalink’s journey began in 2005, and today, it stands to be one of the largest mobile operators in Bangladesh.

In February 2023, Banglalink, through its consistent technology innovations and network expansion, reached over 40 million subscribers, and this success was only the beginning.

While accelerating such a Digital Transformation charter, Banglalink decided to further fuel this growth by launching MyBL (My Banglalink) super app in March 2023.

MyBL is an all-one-one app that brings self-services of Banglalink, along with music, shopping, games, learnings, and care, to a community of users all under one roof.

The Challenge

Now such a vast community of 6 million users requires to be engaged on a large scale, and this is what Gamize, a SaaS gamification platform by OnMobile helped Banglalink achieve.

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The Vision: Enhancing Engagement

Do you know the best part about super apps? They are massive! They serve as means to connect with a larger user base but with great power comes great responsibility, isn’t it?

Engaging so many mobile app users at a bigger level is not a cakewalk, well known by Banglalink.

To ensure that their 6 million users community is well engaged, they decided to gamify the user journey within MyBL super app using Gamize.

Solution: Community Gamification

As a mobile gaming leader, partnering with Telcos for 20+ years & an existing partner of Banglalink for numerous services, OnMobile’s gamification platform Gamize was a perfect fit.

Next, all we had to do was cut down the vision into various use cases, add the gamification glitter, and glue them back together.

1. Daily Quiz

With a goal to increase MyBL app features awareness among users and drive app traffic, we launched Product Trivia.

Unlike a usual quiz, MyBL could host text, audio, and video-based quizzes about their app features and services. Moreover, the quiz was created in the Bangla language.

Users who completed these trivia were redirected to a new page (music, games, content, etc.) to increase their traffic and engagement.

bl dailyquiz

2. IPL 2023 Quiz

People in Bangladesh love cricket and in order to make the most out of this, Banglalink ran a reward-based trivia contest towards the end of the Indian Premier League 2023 for 15 days.

As part of it, participants were supposed to answer questions based on Bangladesh cricket players and could win rewards.

bl iplquiz

3. Music Quiz and Leaderboard

In order to boost engagement for their music page, Banglalink ran a 45 days leaderboard campaign with iPhone 14 as a grand prize!

All users had to do was answer a music-based quiz and secure ranks on a leaderboard and win prizes based on their positions.

bl musicquiz

Impact: Increase in Participation and Repeat Users

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96% of users who saw these quizzes participated. 4% of DAUs engaged in Gamification activities

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Daily Quiz

Repeat engagement is 14% to 22% without rewards, with Bangla language personalization. 50% uptake within 1 day in DAUs

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IPL Quiz

IPL 2023 trivia led to the repeat users increasing to 21%

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Music Quiz and Leaderboard

Repeat engagement increased from 21% to 28% with high-value rewards

Wall of Gamize


“Banglalink and OnMobile revolutionize app engagement with MyBL SuperApp, featuring gamification through the Gamize Module. It’s fun, rewarding, and sets a new industry standard, captivating users and boosting engagement. Customizable UI/UX ensures a seamless and user-friendly experience.”

Mohit Kapoor,
Digital Business Director, Banglalink

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